At 16 years old, I started to develop story ideas in my head, grand dystopian visions of the downfall of civilization, counterbalanced with the spark of hope remaining in hearts of humankind. They were "what if" stories. What if we knew the timeline of the end of life on Earth? What if our lives were the virtual reality experiences of other beings? What if we were all that was left after the pure and good were taken in the Rapture? It was also at 16 years old that I decided against studying medicine and choosing to pursue the life of an actor, to the detriment of my parents.

I went to Chapman University as a double major in Film Production and Theatre Performance. Very quickly, I dropped the Film part and chose to get a minor in Screenwriting. My screenwriting professors told me my ideas were too big and encouraged me to write simpler scripts. My focus moved solely to acting. Meisner, Stanislavski, Strasberg, and a healthy portion of William Shakespeare. I left school with the hope and confidence that my acting career would fall into place. Five years later I started writing my first book. Five years after that I took a break from that book and started what would be my first published book, How To Succeed By Failing

The How The Why podcast started as a way for me to pick the brains of talented, productive, creative people to find out how they did what they did in the hopes that I may pick some trick up, or learn some secret to accomplishing my creative goals. What I gained was a connection to innovators in the world of small press publishing and literary publications along with the tricks of their trade. I have produced and hosted over one hundred and twenty episodes garnering tens of thousands of downloads.

On a whim and wanting to explore other aspects of the writing community, I took an internship, as a grown adult, with Flaunt Magazine. I felt like Robert De Niro in that movie I didn't watch about being an intern. Fairly quickly I was given opportunities to write for the magazine and their website. The relationship continued after the internship ended allowing me to further hone my interviewing skills and crafting a story from a conversation.

My creative time is now spent developing dystopic Television ideas and chiseling away at my long ass novel. I will throw out random chapters and concepts in my Day to Day blog.